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Saving Tomato Seeds for Planting

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Every gardener knows that saving tomato seeds for planting them next year is a wise thing to do. It is a great way to recycle and save the very best fruits, but also to save money, which makes it a useful thing for people who are growing tomatoes themselves.

The whole process of separating the seeds from the rest of the tomato, collecting and drying them will take at least one week in total. After that you can put them away and take them out in spring or whenever you need them for planting them again.

All you need for saving tomato seeds for the next season is a knife, a bowl, a jar, a fine colander and a small envelope or plastic bag that is closeable with a zipper. You can actually use any kind of small container that can be closed air-tight for the safe storage of the seeds.



How to Save Tomato Seeds for Next Year

Saving tomato seeds for next year is a very easy thing to do. Choose the reddest and ripest tomatoes that you think are worth saving. Now cut them in two and squeeze out all the juice into a bowl.The seeds of the tomato will come out with the juice.

You may notice that not all seeds look the same, some are more green and others are more yellow. If this is the case, try to separate them and put the very green seeds away, as these won’t be able to germinate.

Pour the squeezed juice into a jar or some other container and add some water to it. Now cover and seal up the jar and let it sit for several days, maybe three days to a week maximum.

Collecting the Tomato Seeds

After a few days you will notice that the seeds have separated from the rest of the liquid in the jar. Also, the surface of the water has developed some kind of ugly white mold that doesn’t smell very tasty. This is normal and is part of the process, so don’t worry about it.

The reason we let the tomato juice and seeds rot is because it makes it easier to remove the jelly-like material around the seed.

This substance is useful inside the tomato, as it keeps the seeds from molding, but we don’t want it any more if we want to save the seeds for planting. In order to have healthy seeds that don’t carry any diseases, this substance has to go away.

Throw the liquid away and pour the rest with the seeds that was sitting at the bottom into a colander. Give the seeds a thorough rinsing until you get everything else off of them, then place the clean seeds on a paper towel or coffee filter that is able to absorb the moisture. Spread the seeds out on the surface as thin as you can.



Drying and Storing Tomato Seeds

Leave them like that for at least a week in a dry place until they dry and are ready to store. Use a paper envelope or a little plastic bag for storing tomato seeds, but make sure they remain dry as any kind of moisture will cause the seeds to molder.

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